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From  an  early  stage  on  STAN  was  interested  in  music.  In 1973  at  the  age  of  17 he

formed  his  first  blues-rock band AMBUSH  with the 12 year  old  drummer  Robert, later

known as Double Bear (indeed, the first drummer of  WHITE  HEAT and later on KILLER …).

AMBUSH quickly became a cult-band  in  Belgium  in  the mid-seventies. Later the two buddies

met again when Bear asked Stan to join WHITE HEAT.

In 1986 WHITE HEAT disbanded and Stan formed his own rock band STREETTALK with Marc

Herremans (SCAVENGER) on guitars.

Later on he got in the cover bands circuit, playing for years with bands such as LOWDOWN, THE GROOVE, BLUE VALENTINE, LAS TRES CERVEZAS and many, many more. In 2014 he formed the alternative rock band 10 ROGUE with Vince Weynen and John Buckley (RIP).

In 2020 guitarist Robby asked Stan to record some of the old songs of WHITE HEAT.

And as of 2021 the band is again complete, with new members, a record deal with Pure Steel Records from Germany and ready to hit the road!

Stan "Da Man"


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