At the young age of 8, Sam was blown away when he saw the band Kiss on national television. From then on he knew what he was going to do with his life. He was going to be a Rockstar. Picking up the guitar at the age of 8, and losing intrest every once in a while, he started his first band 'Damaged' with his cousin Steff at the age of 16. After 2 years of rehearsing, they dicided it was time to move on to something better. So they decided to find new musicians and start a




new Thrash-metal band called 'Fall-Out'. Doing his first live show, and many more with Fall-out, they later on recorded the album 'Bone as dust shall be' and signed a record deal with 'Shiver-records'.


After 5 years of playing shows in Belgium, Sam got approached by his good friend Joe if he wanted to join his band 'Evil invaders' because they were looking for a new lead-guitar player. Seeing a big future for this band, Sam decided to take the chance and start his new music career with Evil Invaders. Playing show after show in scuats and small bars, they started to get the attention of the nation. After releasing there E.P. and signing with the Belgian 'Empire Records' they started doing some small tours. After winning Limbomania in Hasselt, things really exploded, playing almost every week-end across the Benelux, and fullfilling his lifetime dream of playing at Graspop Metal Meeting, they got the attention of the big record label 'Napalm Records'. Finally getting the attention they needed, Sam ended up doing tours across Europe with legendary bands as the german Destruction, Majesty and even doing 2 shows in Japan with Possessed and At War. Because of a new life and some turning points, Sam decided it was time to finds some stabillty in life, so he quit Evil Invaders and did some soul-searching.


Starting his new music career with the Dutch Iron Maiden tribute band Up The Irons, Sam kept on hitting stages and could keep on doing what he likes doing the most, playing live, but also being able to pay his bills. In the back of his mind he knew he missed playing own songs, and being able to be productive in songs.

So he started to look for new musicians. After searching for more then a year, and not finding the right musicians, he got a message from Stan from White Heat, asking Sam if he would be interested in reforming White Heat. Not knowing any songs from this band, Sam was blown away after hearing White Heat for the first time. Making the decision an easy one, Sam was gonna be the new lead guitar player for..... WHITE HEAT.....