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ROBBY is one of the founding members and riffmaker of WHITE HEAT.

In fact he even came up with the name. Prior to White Heat he and Dirk Cleybergh (other

founding member and riffmaker) played in a coverband WYNDHAM playing classics of

Thin Lizzy, UFO, AC/DC, ZZTop, Steppenwolf etc. However, they had their own vision and

wanted to maketheir own music accordingly and as such White Heat was formed in 1980.

After White Heat he was active as session guitarist for various artists, such as THE KIDS,

the legendary punkrock band  and at the famous ICP studios in Brussels for producer

Sylvain Van Holme. With The Kids he played various live shows.

In 2020 he joined forces with Stan Da Man to kickstart WHITE HEAT again. As the other

original members were not available new passionate professionals completed the band, contributing to its new unique sound and vibe.

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