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Rock, Metal

1980 - ...

Karthago Records

By the end of the '70s, Rob and Dirk, two guitarists from Antwerp, decided they had enough songs to form a band and hit the road:  WHITE HEAT was born.

In the early '80s Hard Rock bands gained popularity and in 1981 WHITE HEAT opened for Ted Nugent in Forest National, Brussels and they were offered a record deal with Mausoleum Records.

In 1982 their self-titled debut album was released. This immediately gave them the status of biggest Hard Rock band in Belgium and lots of opportunities to play live. It didn’t go unnoticed and soon they were approached by producer Ron Westerbeek to record an album in the Bulletsound Studios in Holland and sign a major record deal with 21 Records.

In order to keep the drive and power of the band on stage, the second album “Krakatoa “ was recorded live in the studio and released in 1983. Reviews were great and the band started a major tour in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In 1985 WHITE HEAT recorded their third album “Running for Life” with British producer John Tilly.

Late 1985 a single version of “True Love” was released and became ‘Troetelschijf ‘ on radio Hilversum 3, which gave it heavy rotation.

Due to circumstances WHITE HEAT disbanded in 1986 after 6 years of intensive touring and having lots of fun.


But in 2021 the saga continued …

Rob and Stan decided in full Covid-19 crisis it was time to get the show back on the road.

Some of the original members were unavailable so they searched for worthy replacements:

Flype Lemmens, singer of well-known Belgian bands such as Twilight, Double Diamond and Fireforce joined the band.

On lead guitar they recruited Sam Lemmens, former guitar player of Evil Invaders, Belgium’s hottest Metal band at the moment.

And finally Steve Vanderperren on drums, who has played for 10 Rogue, HerfsT and Magnifico, to name a few.

Due to a heavy schedule Sam and White Heat decided in August 2022 to part ways amicably.

He was replaced by Yannick De Pauw, music and production extraordinaire known for his work with Scala and Brides of Lucifer.

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