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Filip "Flype" Lemmens

1966: Born in Turnhout, Belgium.

1978: Inspired by, great examples such as, David Byron, Ian Gillen, Biff Byford, Rob Halford and of course,

most important, with a great passion for music, he ventures himself upon vocals.

1981: As a polyvalent melodical singer, gifted with a large vocal range, Filip enters his first fully-fledged band at the age of fifteen. At this time, the singing microbe definitively has got him. He also commits himself as a co-author and co-composer to the ensembles of which Filip is a member. He starts playing concerts and touring around Europe, Switzerland and England with highlights in Limassol (Cyprus) and Athens (Greece). A true front man and entertainer emerges; interaction with the public becomes his trademark.

1991-1993: At the school of rock "DE TIL" in Antwerp Filip takes up a singing education with Daen Scheerlinck. He embarked on a classical music education with Jan Van Elsacker at the academy of music in Hemiksem.

2018 - 2021: Receives individual and personalized vocal coaching from head coach, Tiffany Veys (Founder, Director) at 'Mind The Voice', St-Amands/ Puurs.

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